Plan now for safe parking near DIA when traveling for holidays

DENVER -- More than 800,000 people flew through Denver International Airport over the Thanksgiving holiday and the scene will be similar during Christmas and New Year holidays.

Now is the time to consider the safest parking options near the airport.

Security experts say technology can protect your car but where you park when you travel is also important. Airport lots and monitored parking facilities provide the most secure environments.

Auto theft and vandalism has been reported in some areas along Tower Road but police are working with businesses to enhance safety measures.

Drivers should also use common sense. Always lock your car and remove valuables.

Parking in hotel lots isn't advised. Those spaces are for guests only. Area security staff tell FOX31 they can identify cars actually registered to hotel guests and monitor them closely, anyone else will be towed.

For real time information about DIA's parking lots and their availability visit the airport's website.