Rare World War II vehicle stolen from hotel parking lot in Aurora

Of the 15,892 World War II tracked vehicles nicknamed the Weasel, Bryant Brough had to have one. “The intention was to take it back to Georgia, get it running, get it painted, get it back on the road to tell the story and history of World War II."

Brough  traveled to Orem, Utah and bought one, then headed home to Winston Georgia. "We can use our work, our labor, our resources, to get these pieces of history back on the road keep people educated about the sacrifices of the greatest generation."

On his way back to Georgia, Brough stopped in Aurora for an overnight rest at the Econolodge, parked his truck in the parking lot and went inside to get some sleep.  At around 2:20 in the morning, car thieves likely targeting Brough’s F250 truck, broke in, started the engine, and drove off with the flatbed trailer and the WWII Weasel in tow, “I was a little dejected, it was one of the last two days of the trip. I think it is a lot of shock.“

Brough has every right to be upset, the Weasel is a fairly rare and collectible vehicle, “After the war we kind of used them in Korea. After that we got bigger and better things, and what do you do with stuff like that? You kind of just ditch it, a lot of them turned into beer cans and razor blades," said Matthew Burchette, curator at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.

Problem Solvers need your help finding the Weasel!  It may have a camo paint job, but this rig is hard to hide. So, if you see it anywhere, call the cops.

Help us save this piece of American history and keep it out of the scrap yard.

The Ford F250 had Georgia plates, but the flat bed trailer was rented, and has Colorado plates.

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