Half Price – Zig Zag Smokin Burger and Meatball Eatery & Libations

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Enjoy 50% off food at Zig Zag Smokin Burger and Meatball Eatery & Libations! Both restaurants are under the same roof, so enjoy both delicious menus!
No refunds, all sales final.
One voucher per table.
Tax and tip not included.
Expires 6 months from purchase date.

About Zig Zag Smokin Burger and Meatball Eatery & Libations

Zig Zag Smokin Burger - The all-encompassing menu highlights the foods that we love most. Juicy burgers, smoky adobo, spicy chili, refreshing salads, sweet and sticky chicken, savory duck, fried eggs, and the list goes on. We paired this menu with new age cocktails and upbeat rebellious music, then designed a sleek and funky restaurant to fit the bill. The result is a new and refreshing concept that you need to see...and bring your friends.

Meatball Eatery & Libations - What are you feeling today? A swedish meatball with mushroom sauce, or perhaps some lamb meatballs slathered up in fresh tomato gravy over the top of polenta? This restaurant is all about how creative you can get with our menu. Choose from table plates to share with friends, refreshing salads, savory soups, and all the meatballs or vegetarian balls you can eat. The prohibition style bar will provide all the giggle water that you need to wash it all down.

Zig Zag Smokin Burger and Meatball Eatery & LibationsLocation:

Zig Zag Smokin Burger 9220 E. Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80112, US Phone: 720-45-7530 Get Directions
Meatball Eatery & Libations 9220 E. Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80112, US Phone: 720-420-0254 Get Directions


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