Stranger opens front porch package, finds rock inside

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- It seems to be happening more and more! Smart doorbells are capturing porch pirates trying to hit the road with stolen packages.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, a mystery vehicle appeared circling a Centennial cul-de-sac. The Nest security camera across the street started rolling.

“The car drove around a couple times and then the guy went down the street and parked-- and then walked up the street," said homeowner Norma Sigler.

Sigler’s Ring video doorbell captured what happened next. The recording shows the stranger eyeing a large package on the door step. Sigler says the man didn't realize, at first, what he saw really wasn’t a package at all.

“We opened the door," Sigler said. "The guy already started walking down the block because he found out there was just a rock in there.”

The Siglers say they weren’t baiting would-be crooks with a rock in a box. They were simply using the box, anchored by a rock, as a sign. The sign tells delivery truck drivers to put packages in the backyard.

The Siglers called deputies. The family is hoping video evidence can help find a suspect and prevent packages from disappearing off door steps.

Police do not encourage baiting crooks with rocks in boxes. They say-- if crooks take something with no value – it’s not considered a crime. Police, instead, suggest taking steps to prevent theft.