Christmas tree shortage reported in U.S.; some local lots unaffected

LONGMONT, Colo. -- If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, you may want to shop around. A Christmas tree shortage is reportedly driving up the prices of some Christmas trees trees this year.

However, the owners of one local Christmas tree lot said there are plenty of Colorado trees available.

At the Colorado Native Christmas Tree lot, Owner Tony Smith said the recession of 2008 prevented some tree farms from replanting, which then drove up prices. But Smith says that’s not the case with Colorado Christmas trees.

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"We harvest 90 percent of our trees out of the forest, so there’s not a tree shortage," Smith added.

Smith says farm-grown trees are shipped in by big trucks to lots across the Denver metro. Many trees on smaller lots like his are harvested in the Rocky Mountains.

Additionally, Smith said Colorado's supply of trees has been steady despite the drought and wildfires.