New video shows Christopher Watts confessing to killing wife

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WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- New video released by Weld County prosecutors shows Christoper Watts admitting to killing his pregnant wife, Shanann. Watts was recently sentenced to three lifelong prison sentences for murdering Shanann and the couple's two young daughters, Celeste and Bella.

In the video, Watts was willing to say he killed his wife but did not admit he also killed his children, insisting he is not a monster. He confessed the murder to his father while investigators were out of the room but the interview was still being recorded.

Watts initially blamed his wife for the girls' murders.

"She choked both of them to death. I freaked out on Shanann," Watts said, claiming that Shanann suffocated their daughters after she learned he was having an affair.

Watts also said he believed Shanann knew about the affair, but they never discussed it.

"In her heart, I know she knew about the affair. She was just waiting for me to say something -- for me to deny it. Again, she just lost it," Watts said.

After confessing to his father, investigators returned and had Watts repeat the story. They asked if Shanann put up a fight.

"I lost it so much, it didn't feel like she did," Watts told them.

Detectives then asked Watts for more specific details. It became clear that detectives did not fully believe Watts when he said his wife killed their daughters.

"Is there any other way we might see your hands on the girls' necks at all? " one detective asked, to which Watts replied, "No."

Investigators repeatedly asked Watts to admit what truly occurred, but he refused.

"I'm not a monster. I didn't kill my babies," he said.

"What happens when the coroner looks and says [that] your fingerprint is on her neck?" one detective asks.

"It's not going to be my fingerprint," Watts responded.

"OK. Whose is it going to be?" the detective asks.

"It's going to be [Shanann's]," Watts said.

At one point, the detectives ask Watts if he was OK with having the public believe Shanann might have been the one who killed the girls. Watts said yes, again saying he did not hurt his daughters.

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