Nursing mom upset with Grand Junction school’s request to cover up

Thunder Mountain Elementary in Grand Junction, Colorado (Photo: Google Maps)

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A Grand Junction woman is at odds with school officials after an administrator asked her to cover up while she was nursing her child at an elementary school.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported Friday that Kelly Johnson was breast-feeding her 18-month-old daughter in a hallway at Thunder Mountain Elementary last week while waiting for one of her other children.

She says a staff member asked her to cover herself because students would be finishing classes soon.

Johnson says she was trying to be discreet, and the administrator made her feel she was doing something wrong.

Colorado law allows women to breast-feed in public.

School District 51 spokesman Charles Delano said Johnson wasn’t asked to stop breast-feeding, only to cover up. He says the administrator offered to get her a covering.