There’s a place in Colorado that features ice from Antarctica that is 416,000 years old

DENVER -- A one of its kind place in the country features sheets of ice from Antarctica and you can see it for yourself right here in Denver.

The National Ice Core Facility at the Denver Federal Center has 20,000 meters worth of ice cores in a freezer that is 36 degrees below zero and they allow visitors to go inside.

You need special gear to go inside the freezer that features ice from Antarctica - some of the ice cores are nearly 416,000 years old and each piece helps research past climate history.

"The ice is extremely valuable. We estimate it to be something like $300 million worth of ice, and that’s the cost to go out and get it again," said Geoffrey Hargreaves, the curator at the National Ice Core Facility.

"So our job is to make sure that it is safe. This is one of the safest freezers in the United States," Hargreaves continued.

They cut up the cores and send them to scientists to study. They say that anything that gets up into the atmosphere ends up on the ice sheet, and then they can study that time period.

You can set up a tour of the National Ice Core Facility by calling 303-202-4830.

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