Firestone King Soopers evacuated for police investigation

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FIRESTONE, Colo. -- Scary moments on Tuesday as a busy northern Colorado grocery store was evacuated.

Just after 8 a.m. Firestone police rushed to the King Soopers off of Firestone Boulevard on reports of a burglary suspect inside the store.

“Oh jeez. Makes me so nervous,” customer Roxanne Park said.

In the middle of grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving holiday, customers were ordered to abandon their carts and get out.

“Just doing my shopping and they said all employees and customers please evacuate the store immediately,” Pattie Demple said.

Store employees huddled together in the parking lot as police and Weld County Deputies moved in with guns drawn.

“There was a mother with her two kids that you could tell was quite frightened,” Demple said.

Witnesses say a burglary suspect was up in the ceiling panels.

“I talked to an employee she said she heard banging next to the click list that’s when they found out there was a bank robber in there,” Demple said.

K9s were brought in to help police sweep the building. All the while managers had to turn customers away.

“I’m shocked. You don’t hear about that kind of stuff happening around here,” Park said.

But after five hours, officers called off the search and opened the store back up. As a precaution, a uniformed police officer will stay inside the store for the rest of the day.

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