$1,600 in fake charges appear on Denver man’s Uber account

DENVER --  A Denver man's Uber account was hijacked and it left him with nearly $1,600 in charges for rides he never took.

Jim Dissett told the FOX31 Problem Solvers, "At first I just saw that these rides were taken I was like 'what's up with that? I didn't take a ride.'"

He said he received notifications that a driver in Rhode Island charged $5.88 per ride for several trips, each one with a tip of more than $100.

Dissett says despite several attempts to contact Uber, he has been unable to discuss follow-up questions about the handling of the case so he asked FOX31 to look into it.

Uber officials say they are reversing all of the charges immediately (some were previously missed) but could not provide an answer as to how the breach occurred because the fraud department is currently investigating the case.

Denver Better Business Bureau investigator Ezra Coopersmith told the Problem Solvers the best way to protect yourself is to use a credit card when using apps or shopping online. "If you use a debit card even if you eventually get the money back you still have to absorb that cost in the meantime. But if you use a credit card you essentially never have to worry about it."

Uber recommends customers visit a website called haveibeenpwned.com (owned is a security term for "hacked").

You can enter the email address you use for any online accounts and the site will indicate whether your password for that account has been stolen.

Uber said the most common cause of hacked accounts on any online service is recycled passwords so it is highly recommended that consumers never use the same password for multiple accounts and periodically check to make sure their passwords are still safe.

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