Triple Duty Beauty

We’re all looking for ways to multi-task in life and find the perfect beauty hack with multiple benefits. If we could find the right concealer and foundation in one bottle, or find a hydrating product that actually had healing and firming benefits all in one? Beauty expert Mickey Williams is here to share some of her favorite MULTITASKING PRODUCTS that the team tested and LOVE!


1) Lips:

Our lips are so sensitive to the weather and elements in Colorado. Most of reach for the first balm we see and get a temporary hydration that pays off now but does nothing for addressing the repair needed to make lips healthy again.


Blistex Superfruit Soother @ drugstores $2.99

Utilizes Acai and the new “it girl” of ingredients Cloud Berry which is known to thrive in the most harsh artic conditions. Lips stay firm, hydrated and cushioned with the artic berry while Acai pumps lips full of anti-oxidants. Other ingredients like vitamin E help restore lips to a healthy base.


2) The Puffy Flush Face

This product has been considered one of the best beauty hacks for women (and men) who love their wine but hate the side effects. Stuffy nose, flushed skin, puffy eyes and a headache keeping you away from enjoying your favorite cabernet? Have no fear…PureWine has found a way to filter out the sulfites and histamines that cause the annoying side effects. Think of it as a brita filter for wine.

PureWine Wand and Wave @available online and at wine and liquor stores nationwide

Wands and Wave retail starting at $9.99. The best part is they offer a VIP membership and a $20 credit for both you and a friend after referral.


3) Foundation Meets Concealer:

Are you looking for the perfect concealer or what about the perfect foundation? What about both that compliment each other and possibly have long wear abilities?

Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer $40.00


4) Hair:

The ultimate all in one blow out tool and you probably never knew about it!

HOT TOOLS 1 ½ in Thermal Hot Air Brush $39.99

No more wrangling between your round brush and dryer. This hot air styler blows hot air, while wrapping strands around a soft bristled barrel for smooth, bouncy, hair.