Town of Frederick healing after tragedy

FREDERICK, Colo. -- In the town of Frederick, one woman told FOX31, “… lots of people were crying…” during the Watts sentencing Monday.

Many were watching the hearing when the family of the murdered mother spoke and it was,quite frankly, hard to watch, they say.

It’s something townspeople say they won’t forget.

Moving on though, they tell us is tough.

But in a town hit hard with a tragic loss, signs of resilience shine through.

It’s a community that’s growing, but not forgetting the family murdered here.

The sentencing of Chris Watts, opened up old wounds

Frederick Resident Marylyn Leonhard said, "(there were a) lot of people crying... watching it (the hearing) . It’s such a sad sad situation. And I’m glad he’s (Chris Watts) is going to be locked up for the rest of his life. The death penalty would have been too good."

Marilyn Leonhard then turned and hugged her own granddaughter.

The lingering question – why? – would a man kill his own family.

Monico Portillo said, “I lost my kid here my youngest kid here in a car accident 29 years ago and I'm thinking of this guy, he killed his own family. I just can’t think about that."

Answers don’t come easy, even at the Rocky Mountain Christian Church, where we found volunteers preparing thanksgiving food boxes.

Pastor Matt Cote said , “We just ask how can we help. How can we help and the answers to that will change depending on what’s going on in the town."

Giving seems to help after a tragedy.

Frederick is a town moving on with a broken heart.

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