New report claims marijuana legalization hurting Colorado more than helping

DENVER - A new study out from the conservative Centennial Institute claims for every dollar Colorado gains from marijuana legalization $4.50 is spent mitigating the effects.

“It’s time to have an honest conversation about marijuana,” Jeff Hunt, Director of the Centennial Institute, said.

The study, authored by a third party firm QREM, estimates $381 million is lost through hospitalizations, $83 million through car accidents and $423 million through dropouts.
The cannabis industry rejected most of the report.
“It appears the Centennial Institute  wants to shame consumers of marijuana,” Peter Marcus, a spokesman with Terrapin Care Station, a dispensary chain, said.
Marcus argues the report is largely based on assumptions - pointing to a recent state report by the Department of Public Safety that in his opinion mentioned only a handful of negative impacts.
Marijuana laws and regulations are expected to intensify in 2019 as current regulations sunset and a marijuana friendly governor takes office with Jared Polis.