Video: Meat cleaver-wielding man bursts into home, attacks residents

LITTLESTOWN, Pa. -- Surveillance cameras in a Pennsylvania home showed two people -- one armed with a meat cleaver -- walk in and attack a couple, according to WPMT.

It happened about 12:30 a.m. Monday. The borough, home to about 4,400 people, is just above the state's southern border.

Aric and Joey Maczis say a woman and a masked man -- who was carrying a wooden pole and a meat cleaver -- walked into their home in the middle of the night while they were playing cards.

"He asked for money or something and then I saw he had the meat cleaver so I jumped up to defend my family," said Aric Maczis, who has two bloody slash marks visible on his forehead. "He started to hit me with the cleaver."

Disoriented from the blow to his head, Maczis said he looked up and realized the attack wasn’t over.

“He threw the pipe at her and told her to kill my wife," he said.

Joey Maczis says their friend ran upstairs to hide from the attackers, while she ran out the front door screaming, hoping someone would hear her.

“I just immediately jumped over the table to run for help because it felt like we were going to die," Joey Maczis said. “I didn’t think my husband was going to make it out."

"As soon as I came out I was on my phone calling 911 telling them they needed to get someone here because there’s a lady outside saying somebody is trying to kill her," said one of their neighbors, Jonathan Duvall.

Meanwhile, inside, Maczis says the intruders were destroying everything in sight.

"They were busting TVs, fish tanks, our curio cabinet," Maczis said.

Surveillance video from across the street captured an image of the pair taking off in a silver vehicle.

“I don’t know if they were just trying to rob us. I’ve never seen these people before," Maczis said.

The Maczis say they won’t rest easy until the two are caught.

“I don’t want to sleep because I don’t know who these people are. I am worried about my family, myself, I’d like to see them caught and prosecuted," Maczis said,.

Police say they believe this was a targeted incident.

They say they are working on some leads and are still in the process of going over additional surveillance footage.

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