Governor-elect Polis will not advocate for Olympics until voters decide

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DENVER -- Earlier this week the United States Olympic Committee visited Colorado to explore the possibility of a bid for a future Winter Games.

Denver Mayor Hancock is on board. Governor Hickenlooper is on board.

But Governor-elect Jared Polis is not.

"I am a skeptic of the Olympics," Polis said during an interview with FOX31 Political Reporter Joe St. George.

"I worry about it leaving a legacy of debt for Coloradans when we have our own infrastructure needs," Polis added.

That said -- Polis said if the committee supporting a bid gets enough voters to approve a ballot measure -- he would support it.

"It is my understanding that the group that wants the Olympics to come to Colorado will put it before the people of Colorado for a vote before they move forward," Polis said.

"Like any decision by the voters I would honor that one way or another -- if the people of Colorado want the Olympics I will do my job as Governor," Polis added.

During the conversation with FOX31, Polis also said he would not live in the Colorado Governor's Mansion -- and he defended his controversial transition team appointment.

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