Wildlife officers forced to euthanize bull elk in Boulder neighborhood

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Parks and Wildlife officers were called to a busy street in Boulder Wednesday after getting reports of an elk in trouble.

These types of wild animals sometimes avoid human populations.

But this one didn’t.

And officers soon found out why.

The huge bull elk which, was supposed to weigh 800 pounds, only weighed 650.

Right away – people in the Boulder neighborhood knew something wasn’t right.

Brian Bishop said the elk's “ribs were showing and (it) was trying to eat anything that was out there.”

The 5-year-old elk, which people in the neighborhood named Larry, was emaciated.

Bishop could see the elk from his office on Broadway and Mapleton.

FOX31 was told the animal meandered for a couple of hours.

Then “Larry” laid down – and didn’t move.

Parks and Wildlife officers were called – and determined he had to be put down.

A veterinarian said an infected jaw – possibly caused by a fight during  mating season - would not heal.

Tatiana Starr, who also saw the elk said, “It was really sad.”

And so Larry the Elk was euthanized and taken away.

Parks and wildlife officers watched the elk for a couple of weeks. They had hoped that the elk's health would improve, but it did not.

The animal will undergo a necropsy to determine if it was the jaw infection that caused his problems.

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