2 votes separate Castle Rock mayor candidates with midnight deadline looming

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- It may not be attracting the same attention as the Florida recount, but the race for mayor of Castle Rock is full of drama.

As of Wednesday afternoon, two votes separate Randy Reed and Jason Gray in the race for mayor.

"Part of me is super excited it is close and I have a good chance but part of me knows it is super close and I might lose," Gray said Wednesday.

"If anybody ever wonders if your vote counts,  today shows how much it does," Reed said.

Reed's two vote lead could change in the coming hours.

Several outstanding ballots are expected to be counted on Thursday.

Not to mention there are questions surrounding 231 currently rejected ballots sitting in the Douglas County Elections Office.

Why are they rejected?

Signature issues.

Some ballots lack them -- others have suspicious signatures written on them.

Voters have until midnight on Wednesday November 14th to "cure" or fix their ballot.

"All those need to be solved by midnight tonight," Merlin Klotz, Clerk of Douglas County, said.

Klotz and his staff members have attempted to reach these voters by mail. If you believe you might be one of these voters you are asked to email Elections@Douglas.CO.US.

Klotz explained the most common excuses for signature problems. "For example, I broke my right hand and signed with my left ...' or the signatures on file just don't match."

Both candidates have been busy attempting to contact voters who they think may help their election.

"There are some people on the list I personally knew so I did contact those people because I was pretty confident those people voted for me," Reed said with a smile.

"It seems like there were a lot of voters out there that were voting us," Gray added.

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