Sick bull elk euthanized in Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. — A bull elk was euthanized outside a central Boulder business Wednesday. The Boulder Daily Camera reports wildlife officers put down the elk known to some locals as “Larry” outside the entrance to travel business Cultivate at 2300 Broadway.

According to the Daily Camera, Cultivate employees notified city wildlife officers about the elk around 8 a.m. Wednesday. Nearby construction workers also called 911.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers responded to the scene.

CPW spokesperson Jason Clay told the Daily Camera the animal was tranquilized with a dart containing potassium chloride. It was then assessed by a CPW veterinarian, who determined Larry had a jaw injury that has become abscessed and infected, creating visible swelling. The decision was then made to put the animal down.

CPW said the elk weighed about 650 lbs. and was at least 5 years old. It should have weighed about 800 lbs.

Larry was a favorite visitor in the Mapleton Hill neighborhood, according to the Daily Camera.

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