‘It’s the PCP:’ Man wearing only a towel arrested at shopping center

BROOKLYN, Ohio -- Police in the Cleveland area got a call for a naked man at a shopping plaza, but body camera video shows how the case turned into much more than an arrest for indecent exposure.

Police recently encountered Wilbur Rosado at the Biddulph Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn with a towel around his waist, according to WJW.

When asked why he wasn't wearing clothes, Rosado answered, “I don’t know,” then mumbled something about PCP.

When officers asked him if he’s on PCP, he answered, “Not no more.”

Police then looked in his car, and the video shows them finding a gun and cocaine.

As Rosado watched, he turned furious, saying, "Stop searching the car, or I'm gonna sue you all,” and "You searched my car. I told you not to!"

He adds, “Put my (stuff) back in the car.”

"You want me to put the gun and drugs back, too?" an officer asked.

"That's [for]my personal use," Rosado answered.

When the officer asks, ''Your personal use of what?'' Rosado answered, “Cocaine.”

When asked by WJW about the search, Brooklyn's police chief said that officers were simply making a record of valuables before they towed the car.

A grand jury has already approved charges for the gun and drugs, so any fight over the search now will now happen in criminal court.

Rosado continued to protest all the way to the police station, according to WJW.

As of Friday evening, he was still being held in jail.