Unfazed Louisiana woman shoots back at armed men trying to rob her store

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CULLEN, La. — A store manager with a gun pointed at her face remained calm as two men in masks tried to rob their family-owned liquor store in Cullen, Louisiana, according to KTBS.

Cullen Police Chief Rosette Harris said in her two years in the position, it’s the first armed robbery she’s had to investigate.

The security video has been uploaded on social media and has gotten a lot of attention.

Harris said they have gotten many phone calls from those who’ve seen it. They also have some evidence and an idea of who the robbers are.

It happened at First Stop Liquor Store 10:19 p.m. on Monday.

Sahim Hassan faced off with two men in masks. One pointed a gun at her but she was unfazed. She even tried to pull his mask off.

Chief Harris said the gunman told his accomplice to grab the money behind the counter. That’s when Hassan pulled him away and made her way behind the counter.

When she was not looking, the gunman shot Hassan in the leg then ran out the door with his accomplice.

Hassan grabbed a .45 caliber pistol shot at the two men inside the store, limped to the door and shot at them at least three more times as the masked men ran across the street, Harris said.

Police say they have the jacket and slippers of the accomplice. DNA will be tested.

Hassan was treated at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport and is now back home and doing well.

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