Soldier’s proposal at DIA caught on camera; photographer searching for couple

DENVER – A sweet moment was caught on camera inside Denver International Airport and now the person who took the video wants to find the people in it.

With more than 61.4 million people coming, going and just passing through, Denver's airport is the fifth busiest in the country. This story isn’t about all those people though. It’s only about two.

“We’ve got to find them,” Kaleb Vidal told FOX31.

Vidal used to worked in the lost baggage division at the airport. On November 1, 2016 he says a stranger approached his office with a strange request.

“A guy approached us while I was standing out front and said hey I have plans to propose to my girlfriend. Can I step inside your office and just kind of hide there?” Vidal said.

The man was a soldier whom he believes was returning from deployment. He let him hide in the office where the soldier made bogus phone calls to his girlfriend to get her to come near the lost luggage counter.

With a little help from a Southwest Airlines employee acting as a lookout, the soldier was able to surprise his girlfriend.

In the video, you can hear her scream with excitement before he gets down on one knee. He pops the question and she said yes.

“And he said AND SHE SAID YES! It was so funny,” Vidal says.

The whole place erupted in applause for the happy couple.

Vidal says he had the soldier’s number but must have written it down wrong because when he tried to send him the link to the YouTube video it didn’t go through.

That was two years ago.

“Last night I was going through my YouTube videos on my channel and I’m like, oh, I bet Reddit could figure it out,” he said.

He posted the video and story to Reddit where it has dozens of comments. The video has now been viewed nearly 40,000 times.

So far, no one knows the love birds. Vidal says he is determined to find them though.

“He was just such a nice genuine guy and he was so nervous the entire time and talking about how much he loves this girl and I was just thinking the entire time I’m going get this on video and I’m going get it to you and I didn’t get it to him. So I feel like I just owe it to him,” he said.

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