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90-year-old woman rocks it as election judge volunteer

DENVER — For the last 35 years, one Denver woman has served as an election judge during every election. Her name is Reverend Josephine Falls and she’s 90-years-old.

"You get to meet so many people and talk to so many people,” Falls said.

Falls has chatted with countless people over the years and has taken in countless ballots. She’s loved every moment of it.

“They [voters] come by and they do this and their little thing and you’ve gotta smile and keep a straight face,” she said, referring to people who come by and try to joke with her about politics.

Falls does such a spectacular job as an election judge, she always asked to come back each year.

"I just keep coming back. They call me and I come back,” she said.

Falls will be entering her 36th year as an election judge.

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