Thieves swiping shingles from Arapahoe County neighborhoods

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DENVER -- Several summer hail storms pounded the Denver metro in 2018.

Dozens of roofing companies swooped into the area in the months that followed and now so have several thieves as well.

Homeowners in Aurora and Centennial are reporting stolen shingles swiped from their front yards.

Joe Brown says he heard a noise in his driveway at around 5 in the morning so he walked outside to investigate.

He tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers a man was loading his shingles into an SUV

"The guy looked at me and said he was with the roofing company and then in very broken English said I'm moving this to another job," Brown said.

Joe got out his phone and called his roofer to verify the man's claims. He says that's when the stranger jumped in his yard and sped away.

Dawn Shull lives just a few blocks away. She says she was at work when her camera in her front window emailed her a picture of a man parked in her driveway.

"I couldn't tell what he was doing. I thought he was robbing my house so i came home from work because i was all freaked out. He had the gall to back into my driveway and load them up," Shull said.

Both Brown and Shull believe the same man may have stolen their shingles. They say the man was driving a Hyundai Santa Fe with a dent on its passenger side fender.

Shingle thefts are a problem local roofers say they are very familiar with.

"You'll  lose about $5,000 dollars worth of material in 15 minutes. I've lost at least one load every year," said Ed Jacobs with Gorilla Roof, Incorporated.

Jacobs believes an organized group is stealing shingles and is reselling them on the black market.

"There's just so much disappearing and it's never specific colors or specific manufacturers. If there's an opportunity they take whatever is there," said Jacobs.

His advice to Problem Solvers? Purchase security cameras for your home and if at all possible have your shingles loaded onto your roof instead of stored on the ground where thieves will have easy access to them.

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