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Aurora parent mistakenly identified as sex offender by school

AURORA, Colo. - An Aurora father is now allowed back at his son’s middle school without restrictions, 10 days after he was mistakenly identified as a sex offender when he tried to attend a school event.

On October 27th, Larry Mitchell went to Aurora Hills Middle School to watch his sixth grade son participate in an event.  He and the other visitors were asked to provide their ID’s. “When they scanned my ID, they said it popped up that it matched with a sex offender,” he said.

Mitchell was shocked.  He was told he would need an escort to attend the event, which he declined.  “It was just really embarrassing,” he said.

All schools in the Aurora Public School District use the Raptor Visitor Management System to check visitors against the National Sex Offender Registry.

“There was enough similarity between the record that Raptor provided, and this individual parent's information, that out of an abundance of caution we followed our protocol,” said Corey Christiansen with APS.

The system is in place to make sure schools are safe, but Mitchell wishes there was a better system in case there is a possible mistake.  “I’d love an apology,” he said.

In a statement, APS said, " Our security team did determine that Mr. Mitchell is not on the National Sex Offender Registry. Mr. Mitchell will not be required to have an escort when he visits his child’s school.  We value the relationships we have with our parents and know that families are our partners in education. Mr. Mitchell is always welcome at our school. “