Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When You’re In An Accident

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Every Friday we are joined by Colorado's Best Attorney Phil Harding, who takes us to law school for the lay person. He joined us this morning to take us into the classroom, and talk about the top 10 things to do and not do after you're involved in an accident.

The 5 Do's:
1.DO get witnesses names and numbers.
2.DO take pictures of accident scene and cause of injury.
3.DO take pictures of bruising or scaring.
4.DO see a doctor if you are injured.
5.DO follow your doctor`s orders and keep a pain log.

The 5 Don'ts:
1.DO NOT talk to the other side`s insurance company without an attorney.
2.DO NOT sign medical or other releases to allow access to your information.
3.DO NOT send medical bills unless the amount paid is redacted.
4.DO NOT talk about settlement until you`ve reached MMI.
5.DO NOT settle your case unless you know if there is subrogation.

If you have any legal questions for Phil, he wants to hear from you. Just submit your question on our Ask the Attorney page. Phil answers all questions personally and confidentially. If you'd like to reach Harding & Associates directly, all (303)762-9500, or visit them online at

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