Principal, nonprofit join forces after string of shootings near school

Struggle of Love Foundation

DENVER -- Multiple shootings in one Denver neighborhood has prompted a call to action from both the school and community leaders. A lot of violence is taking place just steps from Oakland Elementary School in the Montbello area.

“Recently we’ve had and have seen an increase in the number of violent incidents," Oakland Elementary School principal Lisa Mahannah said.  “We specifically had an incident two weeks ago where there was a shooting that occurred and it occurred right next to our playground. We had students who witnessed it and also had their own house affected by the gun violence.”

After parents shared their concerns about the violence, the principal called on the community. She reached out to Struggle of Love, a non profit with a mission to spark change.

“Children are scared today, October 31st, going trick or treating," Struggle of Love founder Joel Hodge said. “In the last two months there have been over 10-15 drive-by shootings in this area."

The group held a gathering to take a stand against the violence on Monday and now Hodge has a call to action for everyone.

“We have to stop, ya’ll. I’m crying out enough is enough, enough babies have cried, enough mamas have cried in their sleep, enough people are scared and terrified, we made our point. It’s time to change, that's all I’m asking," Hodge said. “Nobody should be scared to come out on Halloween, nobody should be scared to come out any day of the week.”