Mother sexually assaulted in busy shopping center parking lot

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LITTLETON, Colo – A woman is speaking out after being sexually assaulted in a busy parking lot in broad daylight.

The victim just finished shopping at the Dollar Tree off of Belleview Avenue, with her 5-month-old baby, when she said a stranger came up from behind, held up a blanket and groped her.

“I felt so minuscule next to him and just very, I didn’t have any power. I had to protect my son,” Richelle Hentemann said.

It was a typical Sunday afternoon for Hentemann. She was running errands near Belleview and Federal when a stranger struck up a conversation inside the Dollar Tree.

“He comes up and is looking over and is like, how old is your baby? And I’m like, oh, hello almost six months old. He is just standing there looking at us,” Hentemann said.

She didn’t think much of it. But as she was alone, loading her child into the car, he was right there and tried to pick up her son.

“I had the carrier down here. I was putting my bags in. He came around from the back. I didn’t notice him. Then he goes down, takes his hand, picks up the carrier or tries to. I’m like, whoa, where did he come from,” Hentemann said.

Then the man who police identify as 32-year-old Deshaun Allen reportedly assaulted her.

“He put his arm inside of my dress, under my bra and squeezed. Just his breath on me, it was just, horrible,” Hentemann said.

Hentemann screamed, pushed, and called police as she said Allen casually walked away.

“He just nonchalantly grabs his backpack and says, have a good day, and just slowly walks towards King Soopers,” Hentemann said.

“Responding officers were canvassing the area. They ended up locating a male who matched the description at Federal Boulevard and Federal Circle,” Rick Redmond with the Littleton Police Department said.

As police questioned the suspect he told them “he was at Dollar Tree and had given a few people hugs.” Officers booked him on unlawful sexual contact.

For Hentemann she is still rattled by this and hopes others will be cautious.

“Be aware of your surroundings. Take a self-defense class. That’s what I’m going to do with my 10-year-old,” Hentemann said.

Police said that victim did the right thing.

“You start yelling obviously it’s alerting everyone around you. So by her doing that it might have scared him off from forcing the situation further,” Officer Redmond said.

Redmond also recommends parking in a well-lit area and to not look down at your cell phone as that could distract you from being alert.


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