Florida woman now living in Colorado sees snow for first time

CONIFER, Colo. -- It’s been a pretty dry month when it comes to snow in Colorado. But that all changed Tuesday as many parts of the state were sprinkled with the white stuff. But for some folks new to our state, the snow caught them a little unprepared.

Bailey, Colorado is now the permanent home for Tally Moon and her family. We ran into her Tuesday in Conifer, which was slowly turning white. Snow is new to her, so we thought we would help out.

Although she had a smile on her face, she had a chill in her heart, ”It looks like you’re smiling, are you looking forward to this? I’m cold, that’s why I’m smiling.”

Tally Moon is from Florida and now lives in Bailey with her husband and children. Bailey is just south of Conifer. "From Florida, live in Bailey, are you used to this white stuff? No, not at all."

There is a lot of white stuff in Florida. Sand on the beaches, that is. In Colorado, it's snow. "Don’t you have a coat? No. You don’t have a coat? Yeah, I do, but I forgot it."

She is learning that in Colorado, it can be a balmy 79° one day and a winter wonderland the next.

A far cry from what it's like in Florida. "What part of Florida? Jacksonville. It’s beautiful, right? No.”

And that’s exactly why Moon is happy to be in Colorado. And we’re happy to have her.

But we had one more very important question. “Do you have a snow shovel? Yes. And I have one in my car, too.“

Tally Moon is fitting right in.


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