UCHealth’s MANtenance

MANtenance is UCHealth’s initiative to make men more aware of both maintaining their health and preventative measures they can take to work toward a better self. As a play on the word “maintenance,” MANtenance is about men proactively making their bodies and minds a priority. Just as you take your car in for maintenance and you keep your fantasy team in tip-top shape – your body and mind should also be priorities. UCHealth is encouraging men to take the pledge to make their health a priority in their life so they, and the men in their lives, can live a long and extraordinary life. The pledge can be found at www.uchealth.org/MAN.

Tackle the Flu with Free Flu Shots event (150 person limit)

Saturday November 3rd from 11-1 p.m.

 Park Meadows Mall (first floor, next to Eco Mountain)

Cost: Free