Dentist does work on wrong student at Englewood school

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Marissa Pacheco was shocked when her daughter told her what happened at Clayton Elementary School last Wednesday.

"She said the dentist gave her two shots on each side of her bottom jaw and I was a bit concerned because I didn't know about it," Pacheco said. "They didn't call me, they didn't ask me to sign any paperwork for it."

The Problem Solvers reached out to Superintendent of the Englewood School District Wendy Rubin. She says she's mortified, and they're investigating what went wrong. Rubin says there was a mixup between a girl that was supposed to have dental work done, and Pacheco's daughter.

"I was really concerned because I would have liked to have been there with her, or if something would have went wrong, I wouldn't have known that something was taking place," Pacheco said.

The Problem Solvers got in touch with the dentist, who released a statement saying:

"The school and our practice are investigating what occurred. The two children in question had remarkably similar names which sound nearly identical when spoken aloud. High quality, medically necessary services were provided. The child was happy and playful during treatment and left the clinic with a smile. Efforts to contact the parent were immediately made but were not successful. The family has not and will not be charged for any services provided. We regret any confusion or anger this incident may have caused, but we are confident that this child’s dental condition is significantly better after treatment than before. We’ll know more about what occurred after further communication with the school authorities."

Pacheco is considering legal action against the dentist and the school district for doing work on her daughter without her consent.

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