Couple encounter bat-wielding driver in road rage incident

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Lexi Garcia and Cody Watson were high school sweethearts - now, they are engaged to be married.

In town from Avon for a few days, they had a close encounter with a baseball bat from an apparent road raging driver yesterday at Broadway and Orchard Road. They say they’re not sure what they did to enrage the other driver.

The confrontation escalated rapidly. The other driver put away his bat and decide to use his Dodge Ram as a battering ram. Garcia and Watson were not hurt, but most definitely shaken up.

Garcia said the confrontation was so violent and quick the last thing she thought about doing was taking a picture.

Littleton police took the report, but unfortunately without a plate number they said they’re at a stalemate.

The attack vehicle was described as a black Dodge Ram 1500 short bed, single cab truck, 2014 model year. Watson is sure of the vehicle description because he says he’s a car guy.

If you happen to see the Dodge Ram truck in question, snap a pic and send it to the Littleton Police Department.

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