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Stretch your bucks with a Mega Millions shopping spree


If you are the sole winner of the largest jackpot in US history, after taxes you would have about $904 million to dole out. So let’s start there.

First, a nice set of wheels. Not a Lamborghini, but a genuine World War II M4 A3 Sherman tank. We talked with collector of WWII vehicles Russ Morgan, “OK, how much?” I asked, “Four hundred and fifty dollars,” replied Morgan.

A new pair of Carhart pants to go with my Sherman tank would be good, let’s go on a shopping spree. We headed to Cabela’s Northglenn when I had an epiphany. When can I buy the entire store? One Cabela’s store, $180 million.

Got my new wheels, well, treads actually, now a vacation château would be nice. How about a cozy mansion on the Normandy coast? I found a nice four bedroom, right on the English channel for 350,000 US dollars.

OK, I started out with $904 million, and so far after my tank, outdoor store, French cottage on the English channel, I still have $723 million two hundred thousand left. Wow, $904 million is a lot of money.

All this spending is making a guy hungry and thirsty. A quick stop at Del’s... wait just a minute. Add my favorite eatery Del Frisco‘s in for a cool $35 million dollars. Now, we’re talking.