Ladies take the field at Broncos Women’s Combine workout

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DOVE VALLEY, Colo. -- Female Broncos fans had the chance to get up-close and personal with the rigorous workout their football heroes follow to stay in top shape for the field.

The Broncos Women's Combine brought plenty of girl power to the field, something super-fan Merry Brannon said is just the kind of weekend she prefers.

"It's a great way to come out on a Saturday with a group of fun women to hang out with alumni players and kinda be one of the guys for a day," she said.

If you're wondering how the women stack up against the men, you can trust the word of a couple of former Broncos players, who only had high praise for the women.

"You hear it in the background -- they're catching 40-yard balls up in the air like kickoffs. That's pretty doggone good," said former Broncos defensive back Steve Foley.

"A lot of the women who played in my Pop Warner league were more aggressive than a lot of my teammates were," added former Broncos running back Reuben Droughns.

With spot-on sprints and can’t-miss kicks, some said an even playing field for women is a possibility.

"As a kicker, maybe; as a punter, maybe," said Foley. "I would be scared as a man going up against a lot of the interior lineman and linebackers... I wouldn't want to get hit by them today," he added.

"If a woman could break through this sport, that would be amazing," said Droughns, who also noted that he has daughters who are growing up with plenty of familiarity with the Broncos.

The event came just days after the team destroyed the Cardinals in Arizona, a boost fans badly needed.

"It was amazing. I believe we needed that win and I'm so proud of the players for sticking together. And I loved that entire stadium looked like a home game," said Brannon.


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