Former California Gov. Schwarzenegger speaks against gerrymandering at Denver rally

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DENVER -- The "Governator" himself made a brief stop in Denver Saturday afternoon to talk politics.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gov. John Hickenlooper spoke in favor of Amendments Y and Z, which would change the way Colorado legislative districts are mapped.

Schwarenegger wasted no time dropping Hollywood lines, much to the delight of the crowd.

"I say we should terminate gerrymandering!" he said.

Currently, the General Assembly is responsible for redistricting in Colorado. Amendments Y and Z would establish a 12-member commission to be responsible for approving maps for Colorado's congressional and state districts.

That commission would be made up of four Republicans, four Democrats, and four unaffiliated voters.

"No politicians or lobbyists can sit on that commission," says Campaign Spokesperson Curtis Hubbard. "It's not something that's top-of-mind for everyone, so we want people to understand what Y and Z do, that it's a prohibition on gerrymandering, that it lets voters choose their politicians and not the other way around."

Opponents say the change could take away the opportunity for public scrutiny of redistricting by making the process less transparent.

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