Castle Rock shop sells popcorn to support new foundation helping officers in need

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Todd and Susan Martin have been selling sweets out of Popcorn Bliss in Castle Rock for more than a year. Todd Martin says it’s a great community that supports its small businesses, and Martin decided there was an opportunity to return the favor with flavor.

“That’s blueberry cheesecake flavor and we made our recipe ourselves,” Martin said of the shop's newest popcorn offering. “We know that police officers sometimes refer to themselves as the blue line, so we knew we needed a blue popcorn.”

A couple weeks ago, Castle Rock Police Department Officer John Mullineaux had a heart attack. He’s on his way to a full recovery, and many in the community are working to help. 

The Castle Rock Police Officers Foundation just established itself more than a week ago. Its mission is to assist officers and departments who experience line-of-duty deaths or serious injuries. The foundation also helps what’s called “hardship” cases, when an officer or their family experience an unexpected serious medical issue, like in Mullineaux’s case. 

“We did this business because of the community, and if the community supports us, we need to support the community,” Martin said.

Saturday, Martin laid out more than 50 big bags of Blue Line Blueberry popcorn, and closed the day with only four left Most of the money for those sales will go to the Castle Rock Police Officers Foundation.

“We want to keep it going because it’s a brand new foundation so we would like to give them a jump start,” Martin said.

Despite nearly selling out Saturday, Popcorn Bliss said it plans to have more of the popcorn available starting Sunday.

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