York Street on-ramp to I-70 permanently closed for Central 70 Project

DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation closed the York Street on-ramp to Interstate 70 as part of the Central 70 Project on Tuesday morning.

The main reason for the closure is because of safety. CDOT wants to eliminate congestion caused by traffic trying to merge onto the highway from York Street.

As the Central 70 Project moves into high gear, drivers will see a lot more work being done.

"So over the long term when this highway is redone, there won't be a York on-ramp," CDOT spokeswoman Rebecca White said. "It's one of the access points that goes away for safety reasons."

Some barriers are being set between Quebec Street and Interstate 225 in the first section of the work on the project that will begin to look more active over the next few weeks.

The permanent detour from the York Street closure is to enter Interstate 70 at Steele Street and Vasquez Boulevard.