Freezing temperatures don’t deter Broncos fans

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DENVER -- For Broncos superfans, below-freezing temperatures are only a nuisance and aren't likely to drive them away soon.

“We’ve all been tailgating for 20-plus years,” said one of the first fans in line, who added that he always arrives at games in full orange-and-blue face paint.

And compared to Sunday’s bone-chilling temperatures, fans say they've seen worse.

"Well, the worst for me was the Baltimore Ravens playoff loss. That was horrendous, but this is not bad," the fan said.

The tailgate queen known as "Bronco Babe" not only makes food to feed hundreds of fellow tailgaters, she revels in the temperature dip.

“I’m pretty excited it’s snowing,” she said.

Fans who bleed orange and blue lined up in frigid weather long before kickoff. Some tailgaters parked their cars, RVs and vans days in advance of the game in order to snag the perfect spot.

The first parking lot at Mile High Stadium opened at 8 a.m and those brave enough to brace for the cold prepared for any situation, with some even bringing space heaters to warm their tents.

While the Broncos faced long odds to beat the Rams, 'Bronco Babe' Katherine had one thought in mind: "I love an underdog, don't you?"

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