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Colorado families worry about loved ones impacted by Hurricane Michael

DENVER -- Several people with connections to Colorado are now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in the Southeast.

The storm is the third most powerful hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland in recorded history.

Sean and Kristen Murphy left their home in Mexico Beach, Florida, just before the storm arrived. Most of the houses in their community are now gone.

"It seems like everybody on one side of Highway 198, their houses are probably gone," said Sean Murphy.

"There was literally just a roof in the middle of the road and you couldn't tell where it came from," added Kristen Murphy.

Sean spent the first several years of his life in Colorado and he went to college at the University of Colorado.

He's not the only person from Colorado with a direct connection to Hurricane Michael.

Brandon and Dallas Bowles live in Castle Rock, but grew up in Albany, Georgia, and both of their families still live there.

"My parents cant go two houses down to my grandparents to make contact with them. They have to cut their way out of their own yard," said Brandon.

Hundreds of trees in Albany toppled over. Thousands of people are without electricity. Some homes were also damaged or destroyed.

"Glass busted everywhere, doors ripped of hinges, structural damage," said Dallas.

Both families say they feel somewhat helpless as they wait for more news from afar.

"That's the worst part, just having to stand by waiting to hear," said Dallas Bowles.

The Bowles are trying to collect supplies and money for people in their hometown who were directly impacted by the hurricane.

The Murphys learned their home is still standing in Mexico Beach, but know the town they call home will look much different when they return.

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