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Coloradans worry about family, friends in Hurricane Michael’s path

DENVER -- Coloradans were far away from the rain and wind on Wednesday, but they still felt Hurricane Michael's impact, worrying about friends and family in the storm's path.

Jolene Sinclair moved from Florida to Colorado last year after Hurricane Irma.

"It went right through the middle of Florida, it was horrible. It devastated a lot of people's lives," said Sinclair.

Sinclair's friends and family are in the Florida Panhandle, where Hurricane Michael caused havoc.

"I'm very anxious for my family, hope they're OK," said Sinclair.

Jennifer Greene moved from Brighton to Florida four years ago. She said she learned quickly from Florida natives how to prepare for hurricanes.

She said Hurricane Michael is north of them, so she doesn't expect to see much damage to her property.

She said she appreciates texts and phone calls from friends and family during these experiences, adding it was especially helpful during Hurricane Irma to keep people updated that they were OK.

"We still get tons of messages are you going to be OK," said Greene.

Greene said in her four years in Florida, she's learned the importance of preparing for hurricanes and stocking up on supplies long before hurricanes develop as well as heeding evacuation warnings from officials.

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