Time to winterize sprinkler system with cold weather moving into Colorado

DENVER -- The first hard freeze of the season means it's time to start getting ready for winter, from plants to tires to sprinklers.

Drain your sprinkler system

  • Shut off the water to the sprinkler system ... usually at the pipes in the basement
  • Open the drain valve under the shut off
  • Go to the pipes [back flow] and turn the two blue handles
  • Turn the two screws less than a quarter turn so they are half open, half closed
  • Water will drain downstairs as well
  • Go to the green valve box in the ground
  • Open the lid, open the drain and let all of the water drain out

These tips are explained in the video clip above.


Gardening experts say vegetables will likely not survive the rest of the week. Even if peppers or tomatoes aren't ripe, they should be pulled and can ripen in windowsills.

A warm September has left the ground warmer than usual, meaning the cold snap moving through Colorado doesn't necessarily mean the end of lawns.

"You really want them for the most part to be shutting down, but keep the water going on anything that is still green and lush, tapering down, but don't just go cold turkey on your lawn," said Luan Akin with Tagawa Gardens.

"If it's green, it needs a little moisture, and if Mother Nature isn't delivering, you need to do it."

The Colorado Department of Transportation said it's also a good week to schedule tire checkups, especially for those traveling to the mountains in the next few weeks.

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