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Homeowner says video captures crook stealing doorbell camera used to stop thefts

DENVER -- A homeowner is warning others after a man stole his doorbell camera he used to stop thefts and other crimes from happening near his front door.

Derek Weber said he woke up Sunday morning to a notification that a man was at his front door.

Video captured by his Nest video doorbell showed the man placing a towel over the top of the camera.

Weber said the same man returned shortly after and hit the camera repeatedly until it fell out of it's holding case.

"I was totally blown out of the water completely. The lights are on. It's like broad daylight at night and he just walks straight up, face straight into the camera," said Weber.

Weber filed a report with police. He hopes his video helps catch the criminal and warns others to be careful.

"Be a little more careful that things can be easily stolen," said Weber.

Companies such as Ring and Nest will replace stolen doorbells so long as victims fill a report with police.

Ring can also disable the device to make sure the stolen doorbell can't be resold and used on another account.

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