LaCroix lawsuit alleges drink not ‘all natural,’ contains cockroach insecticide

PHILADELPHIA — A lawsuit alleges the popular sparkling water LaCroix falsely claims the drink is “100 percent natural.”

A class-action lawsuit was filed against LaCroix’s parent company alleging cockroach insecticide and other artificial ingredients are used in the drink, which is advertised as “all natural,” KYW-TV reported.

CBS Philly reported a lawsuit, filed on behalf of Lenora Rice, claimed that testing revealed LaCroix contains a number of artificial ingredients, including linalool.

Its parent company, National Beverage, was aware of the synthetic chemicals and was “intentionally misleading consumers,” according to the lawsuit.

The company has denied the allegations, saying the lawsuit was filed “without basis in fact or law regarding the natural composition of its LaCroix sparkling waters.”

The lawsuit seeks to stop the beverage company from promoting LaCroix as natural and award damages to customers who bought the drink under the assumption it contained “all natural” ingredients.