3 keys to Avoiding Headaches this Fall

Tips from Dr. Jacob Fletcher from Well Beings Chiropractic Family Health.

3  keys to Avoiding Headaches this Fall:

Eat the right foods

Omega-3 Foods – Nuts, seeds and wild-caught fish (salmon or sardines), help control blood flow and lower inflammation.

Organic, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – They can provide antioxidants that help decrease inflammation, counteract effects of toxin exposure and balance hormones.a

Avoid the wrong foods

Sugar                                                         Gluten and yeast made breads/pasteries

Caffeinated drinks                                     Red wine and other types of alcohol

Dairy products                                           Chocolate

Look to the spine – Look at the structure of your spine. We mentioned that “Headaches and migraines are among the most common disorders of the human nervous system worldwide”.  As a chiropractor I look at the structure that protects your nervous system, and often we find a misalignment or subluxation there that can cause a headache.