Police dogs go on a hunt for explosives during training session at Broncos Stadium at Mile High

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DENVER -- Police hosted a training session for a regional group of police K-9’s at Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

“It’s like a big Easter egg hunt," technician Joe Campbell said.

The hunt is for explosives. The dogs sniffed their way to the devices that had been planted around the stadium.

Campbell’s partner, Ray, has been on the job as an explosive detection dog for three months.

“He finds something, I yell a command to him, he finds something, he comes back to me, he gets his toy, he's happy," Campbell said.

The dogs train every day, and once a week, they get together for the group training.

“Our explosives detection K-9 unit is out here with FRED, which stands for Front Range Explosive Detection Unit," officer Jay Casillas said.

"It's a cooperative effort between all the efforts in the Front Range area.”

They practice in different environments, in real-life scenarios.

“They like that constant training," Casillas said. "It keeps the dogs ready for different situations.”

Added Campbell: “Even these dogs are trained on all the explosive odors, but just like athletes they need to workout every day, they need to train to keep their senses sharp.”

While they are called in to find bombs, the majority of their work is searching for guns and shell casings.

Last week, they were searching fields near Denver International Airport after a carjacking and kidnapping where the suspects shot at officers.

“It was 3 a.m. It was dark, windy, we had a five acre field to search," Campbell said. "We had two dogs out there. They were able to find the shell casings where suspects shot at the police.”

Officers say the dogs are just another tool in their toolbox to keep our community safe.

The dogs have to have the right temperament to hunt, while staying focused in a crowd.

“There`s other breeds that do this type of work too," Campbell said. "We like Labs. Their temperaments are great. They're cute too. Who doesn't like Labs?”

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