Boutique owner says mom took toddler on shoplifting trip

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DENVER -- A boutique owner is alerting other store owners to be on the lookout after she said a mom with a toddler came into her store and stole the shop's most expensive item.

Sophia Joseph owns Meraki Moon Boutique. She said the woman came into her store Tuesday with her son.

Video from the store's surveillance camera shows the woman picking out various items and then heading to a dressing room with her son.

Once inside, Joseph said the mother stuffed a dress insider her purse as her toddler watched.

"It’s sad that he is going to get used to seeing someone he might look up to doing that kind of behavior," said Joseph.

"I think having a kid with her, she thinks we won’t be as interested in her or think she won’t be doing something like that."

Joseph said while this mother taught her child a bad lesson, she hopes to teach the community another one.

"$300 in a small business does go really far. That’s a wage for an employee for an entire week," said Joseph. "The reach and impact it has goes farther than people think."

Joseph reported the incident to the Denver Police Department.

Anyone who recognizes the woman in the video is asked to call police.

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