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Sports fans enjoy Rockies, Broncos doubleheader

DENVER -- Sports fans enjoyed cheering for the Broncos and Rockies as both teams played in key games Monday.

Fans said knowing what teams they'd be cheering for was an easy decision, but deciding what colors to wear was more complicated.

"It was difficult. We were like, what are we going to do if the games go on at the same time? But yeah, you have to go all one [color] or the other," said Domonic Dipaolo.

"We decided to we would wear Broncos [colors] because we are setting up the tailgate and then switch to the Rockies [jerseys] when the Rockies game is on," said Darlene Cain.

At Blake Street Tavern, MaryBeth Jenkins grabbed a table and gave her employees the afternoon off to cheer on the Rockies and Broncos.

"We called a company holiday for today. It was important everyone came to root on the Rockies," said Jenkins.

At Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Cain had her TV set up and tuned into the game as she set up her Broncos tailgate.

"It's like the best of both worlds. We have season tickets to the Rockies and season tickets to the Broncos so its like a double play," Cain said.

"And we said at the beginning of the year, the Rockies would be there. They are so resilient. And we have been Broncos fans since the '60s so we’ve seen it all."