Denver mom hopes drivers slow down, pay attention after son hit by car

DENVER -- A mother and her son hope his story reminds drivers to slow down and pay attention after her son was hit by a car and spent a month in a hospital with severe injuries.

Penny Privitera said she gave her son a dollar and he headed across the street to get a slushy with a friend.

She said she got a knock on their door from Denver police 10 minutes later alerting her that her son had been hit by a car and was on his way to a hospital.

"Everything became a blur," Privitera said.

"I looked like a zombie," said Brandon Privitera. "They didn't think I would wake up."

Brandon fractured his neck and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for 10 days and once he woke up, he spent several more weeks in a hospital recovering.

"It was a rough month, very rough month," said Penny Privitera.

Penny hopes Brandon's trauma reminds everyone to slow down and pay attention.

"You’ve watched people fly through there like it’s nothing and I wish people would take a few extra minutes to scan their surroundings and just go a little slower," said Penny Privitera.

Brandon Privitera has stayed optimistic and is excited about the prospect of getting out of his brace this week. His mom is relieved to see him making so much progress.

"He is so good spirited, he’s amazing," said Penny Privitera.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to cover the costs they incurred from Brandon's hospital stay and the month of work they missed.

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