Freeland’s mom talks about ‘Kylie boo’ ahead of Rockies game

DENVER — Ahead of Friday evening’s Colorado Rockies game against the Washington Nationals, we sat down with starting pitcher Kyle Freeland’s mother, Susan. She’s a secretary at Holm Elementary school in Denver.

Susan told us how proud she is of her son’s success, but also shared some more hilarious moments with our Kevin Torres. Here’s a transcript of their conversation:

KEVIN: I assume when you go to the games everything is really exciting — everyone is cheering on the Rockies and cheering on Kyle — but I wonder… when you hear somebody say, ‘Go Nationals! The Rockies suck! I don’t like Kyle!’… do you get into defensive mom mode?

SUSAN: (chuckles) well that hasn’t happened I’m not saying that it couldn’t! But I’m trying to stay in control! haha

KEVIN: Growing up, I wonder, what was Kyle like as a kid? Were there any kind of fun, cute nicknames you’d give him that people really don’t know about?

SUSAN: ‘Kylie boo’, ya know? I think that’s about it…

KEVIN: Kylie boo?

SUSAN: Kylie boo! I don’t know where that came from.

KEVIN: Is he going to be upset you just shared that with everybody?

SUSAN: He probably doesn’t care haha.

KEVIN: Does family get pretty awesome tickets to the Rockies’ games? Do you guys get good seats? Or are you in the Rock Pile?

SUSAN: Haha ummm…. we actually sit with the wives of the baseball players.

KEVIN: Does Kyle have a girlfriend, married?

SUSAN: He has a girlfriend!

KEVIN: Oooo!

SUSAN: He’s had Ashley since - well, they knew each other as freshmen in college, started dating a little bit later on, and she’s still with him!

KEVIN: Do you still have random girls come up to you and ask, ‘Can you introduce me to your son?’

SUSAN: That has not happened haha

Susan Freehand is attending Friday’s game. She said she plans to bundle up and cheer on #21!