High school kicker raising money for children’s cancer research

AURORA, Colo. -- Noah Karwacki lends a new meaning to the term “athlete's foot.”

Karwacki, 17, is an athlete at Vista Peak Preparatory School in Aurora, and his foot is real good at kicking the pigskin real far.

So much so, universities around the country want Karwacki to play football for their schools.

"I never thought I could be as great as I am, and now that I know I am good at it I just want to be the best,” he said.

Karwacki's story is very similar to another young, Nate Ekhoff.

“He was a loving, kind, caring,  good student," Karwacki said.

Ekhoff was an exceptional high school kicker too. Both kickers started out as soccer players. Both attended the same kicking camp.

”We both started out like going to the Kohl’s camps, and the sailor camp you know," Karwacki said.

Ekhoff was diagnosed with leukemia, and eventually died of the disease.

"It really touched me because he started up the same way I did but he couldn’t like go on end for fill his dream," said Karwacki.

Now, in his senior year at Vista Peak, Karwacki will be kicking for himself, his team, Ekhoff and all young adults fighting cancer.

It’s called the Kick it Champion program, raising money for every point he makes during a game.

"I hope more people start doing what I’m doing, spreading awareness," Karwacki said.

Karwacki’s goal is to raise $5,000 this year for children’s cancer research. He’s confident on the outcome.

Karwacki is young but wise enough to know life is fragile and would want nothing more than to kick the awful disease called cancer.

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