Preschoolers in metro Denver, across country test toys for top 10 Christmas list

DENVER -- Christmastime can be a tough time for parents. One challenge is finding a gift that is fun and educational for the kids. What to do?

How about buying a toy that’s been kid tested and parent approved?

It’s kind of a dilemma for parents around Christmastime: Buy the popular toys for their tots or buy something that helps the children learn.

For 11 years, Goddard preschools have been taking the mystery out of what to buy kids for Christmas debate.

It’s known as the annual Goddard preschool toy test. Thirty toys, four classrooms, 58 kids. It’s a toy trial by fire.

After one week of intense playing, all of the toys tested by the Goddard schools around the country will be ranked, graded and placed on a top 10 list for parents to use.

After the weeklong testing, the data will be reviewed and Goddard schools will release a top 10 list of the best toys on Nov. 1.